About Your Visit

Your First Visit: What to expect, follow up visits and things to consider...

Your first visit will probably last 1½ hours. This initial appointment is dedicated to a comprehensive intake and examination. I ask a lot of questions. This is because so often-most of the time-symptoms arise for multiple reasons. There are often many causes for one symptom and many symptoms from one cause. Come prepared to talk in detail about your health concerns. Any medications or supplements taken, other treatments and/or or therapies sought, and other physicians seen are important. The interview process is very thorough and will include questioning and discussion of your current concerns, your past medical history, and a head-to-toe evaluation is conducted.

  • I will ask to look at your tongue, which is a micro system of the body. It tells of the general state of the body internally and is evaluated based on movement, color, moisture, size and coating.
  • I will look at your ears. Not with a scope, but I visually inspect and feel the outer ear. Again, another microsystem that assists me in correct diagnosis. Treatment of the ear is referred to as Auricular Therapy.
  • I will visually and physically palpate areas of concern to assess tenderness/pain, evaluate swelling or bruising, and temperature differences.
  • I will take your pulse. This pulse taking is probably very different than any other you have experienced and often takes 5-15 minutes to complete. The art of pulse taking is an ancient technique passed down through the centuries. It is yet another micro system of the body and means of gathering information about how individual organ systems are functioning and how they are contributing to or perhaps are impacted by your physical, mental, and emotional states. I practice Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis, a specialized and sophisticated system as taught by Dr. Leon Hammer.
  • By conducting a thorough examination I am able to more accurately diagnose your condition, identify the root causes, determine strengths and weaknesses, and work up a sound management plan and treatment strategy.
  • Please note: Depending on your condition and as time allows, you may or may not receive treatment on this first visit. Some cases require more time and consideration than others. I use my discretion with each case.

Follow up Visits:

  • Follow up visits usually last 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • During your second visit we will discuss my findings and personalized management plan for you, including treatment options and frequency, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, and herbal remedies as appropriate.

Things to Consider:

  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and undergarments. Some points are located above the knees, on the chest, torso and back and require moderate exposure. I am sensitive to this and will modestly cover you during your treatments.
  • Avoid coming in on an empty or overfull stomach. It’s best to have something to eat within an hour or two of your appointment.
  • Keep in mind that everyone is different and that your particular response to treatment will depend on many different factors including: your current condition and its’ severity, how acute/chronic your condition is, your general state of health, and your participation in healing.
  • Most people notice changes within the first 3-5 treatments, some with the first, and some take longer. The more chronic or complex your complaint is, usually the longer it takes.