Pulse Diagnosis

What is Pulse Diagnosis?

The Shen-Hammer Pulse System is a specialized, evolving lineage form of pulse taking. It is a sophisticated means of understanding the person as a whole and of detecting deviations from health. This particular methodology takes years of instruction and hands-on practice to learn and implement. With 80 qualities, 6 Principal positions, 22 Complementary positions, and 6 Depths it offers an extraordinary amount of information about a person’s past, present, and future health.

I am able to assess strengths and weaknesses, mental/emotional states, the effects of lifestyle and environment, the qi, blood, yin/yang, and function of the organs themselves as well as their contribution to the body as a whole. This system allows me to uncover underlying issues that are contributing to your condition, helping me to prioritize treatment strategies.

Our lineage can be traced back directly over 600 years to the Ding family in the Menghe region of China. Dr. Hammer learned this system directly from Dr. Shen and continued to teach and refine this system and its diagnostic revelations for over 30 years. My study of this system began in 2006, as it is a cornerstone of the diagnostic curriculum at Dragon Rises College. I am part of a select group of individuals who continued advanced studies in person with Dr. Hammer and I am a Certified Shen-Hammer Pulse Instructor and Instructor of his Theories and Methodologies.

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