Biomagnetic Pairing Therapy

This treatment is painless, noninvasive and relaxing!

Discovered in 1988 by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran in Mexico City, the Biomagnetic Pairing Therapy treatment involves scanning the entire body using magnets to detect distortions in the pH (too acidic or too alkaline) that can be caused by injury, infection/illness, disruption of your normal microbiome, emotions, and genetic factors. Within these distortions there may also be pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, funguses/yeasts and parasites. All of these factors can be the cause of or contributing to symptoms you may be experiencing or diagnoses you’ve been given. By specifically pairing magnets of opposite polarity, we can help to reestablish a normal or neutral pH, creating a homeostatic environment which makes it difficult for pathogens to thrive in. This treatment will aid improving all organ systems functions, improve overall energy and boost the immune system. Great for both chronic and acute conditions. Multiple scans 3-4 weeks apart are usually recommended.

Those who are currently receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments and those who are pregnant are not eligible for this treatment

What is a BMPT Treatment like?

This treatment is painless, noninvasive and relaxing! While lying on a massage table totally clothed (including shoes), I will assess your natural leg lengths and begin the scan. Starting on the head and working my way down and along the entire body, the scanning involves moving and pairing magnets in specific points while assessing changes in the length of your legs (Leg Length Discrepancy). You may be asked to assist in holding magnets in place at times. Treatment sessions usually take about an hour. After your session you may resume your normal activities. You are encouraged to drink plenty of liquids and eat sensibly. Recommendations for follow up and referrals to other health care professionals are based on your findings and will be discussed thoroughly at the end of your session. This pairs well with any other treatment (massage, acupuncture, cupping, ionic foot detox).

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