About Your Visit

Your First Visit: What to expect, follow up visits and things to consider.

Your first visit will probably last 1½ hours. This initial appointment is dedicated to a comprehensive intake and examination and includes your first treatment. I ask a lot of questions, so come prepared to talk in detail about your health concerns! Any medications or supplements taken, other treatments and/or or therapies you have tried, and other physicians seen are also important to share. I will conduct a head to toe assessment and take your pulse.

I will also want to look at your tongue, which is a micro system of the body. It tells of the general state of the body internally and is evaluated based on movement, color, moisture, size and coating. I may look at your ears. Not with a scope, but I visually inspect and feel the outer ear. Again, another microsystem that assists me in correct diagnosis. Treatment of the ear is referred to as Auricular Therapy.

I often visually inspect and physically palpate areas of concern to assess tenderness/pain, evaluate swelling or bruising, and temperature differences.

Follow up visits are typically 1 hour.

Things to Consider:

Come in knowing that this is your time for you! When possible, wear loose, comfortable clothing. But know that I can always cover you if/when you need to disrobe. Avoid coming in on an empty or overfull stomach.

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