What is it good for? Absolutely…everything!
Well, maybe not everything, but:

Artemisia vulgaris, or mugwort, is one of the oldest known used medicinal herbs in the world (noted in poems and songs that can be traced back to 3 B.C.) In Chinese medicine an aged and pulverized form is used and comes in many forms. The herb is ignited and can be placed directly on the skin, on a needle, or used in a rolled, cigar-like form and waved over the area to be treated. Both the herbs oils and the heat released offer healing benefits. This is referred to as moxibustion.

But what is it used for, really?

Warming specific areas and acupuncture points for pain relief and strengthening, improving the immune system and circulation, alleviating stinging/itching/discomfort from insect bites and many dermatological issues. It is quite helpful for those who are weak, fatigued, or chronically ill, and those with menstrual or digestive disorders. In pregnancy it is used to help turn a breech presentation into a more proper head down presentation for birth! Moxibustion is considered to be an adaptogenic technique, meaning it is a substance that brings balance back to the body.

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